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My highest form of fulfillment comes from the satisfaction I get offering people the tools for kink-positive sexual release through means of mind+body+spirit relaxation. Reflecting back over my life, I can honestly say that sex has been a pulsing anchor. For me, everything is sex. The tree outside my window is sex. The paint on the wall is sex. The wrinkles on the back of a pair of jeans on a sexy girl… is sex. It is for this reason that I self-identify as a living sex Goddess. Some Hindu traditions recognize beings as Gods and Goddesses, and sometimes both; I see the Divine in everyone, and enjoy playing with language that is both intensely erotic, divinely sensual, and daringly poetic.

Erotic hypnosis comes as naturally to me as breathing or eating. The wonderful thing about “sex” is that it is not limited to conventional heterosexual intercourse. What I mean by sex is willful surrender to pleasure. It is ubiquitous Tantric Energy.

I am who I say I am. Presenting myself honestly sets the foundation for a lasting, elastic relationship. My name is Isabella Suzanne Valentine, nice to meet you.

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