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Isabella Valentine Erotic Hypnosis

Isabella Valentine

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Have you ever watched a hypnotist on television (or maybe in person at a nightclub...)and watched an audience member wet their pants or quack like a duck? Remember, Will Smith's character getting hypnotized on Fresh Prince of Bel-Air? It's entertaining and fun, which is probably why you remembered it! If you thought that was sweet, then you absolutely MUST check out the awesomely talented Isabella Valentine! She's hip, she's fresh, she's hot! But most importantly, she knows exactly what she's doing. Isabella Valentine is an adult hypnotist who specializes in domination and gets off on turning you on! Isabella Valentine is one of the world's top erotic hypnotists who has devoted her life to creating hundreds of erotic sexual recordings so that your orgasms will be off the charts every time! If you thought quacking like a duck was eccentric, just wait till you're hypnotized to dress like the opposite gender or are transformed into a mindless robot! It's off the chain! Isabella Valentine designs her recordings so you can enjoy your sexual adventures from the privacy and comfort of your own home so that your neighbors aren't laughing at you when they see you tasting your own ejaculation (which you might believe wasn't hypnosis after all)! You may end up with a tattoo, or maybe talking in a completely different way. Which begs the question... Just how many amnesia triggers will you need so you won't remember how silly you looked dancing wearing nothing but a corset? The mind wobbles.

Whenever you're ready to take the plunge into the deep recesses of your mind, be sure and check out Isabella Valentine's website at Her site includes free erotic hypnosis recordings and videos, free mp3s and videos, in-depth biography, free erotic hypnosis articles, professional and candid photos, a slave-training program for those interested in advancement, and audio clips...just so you know what you're getting into! The truly awesome thing is that her site has lots of free erotic hypnosis so that you can see if it's something that interests you! Custom recordings are also available. If you can think of it, chances are high that Isabella Valentine can hook you up!

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